What to Do. And Not Do.

Kelsey's gorgeous granola!

Kelsey of Happyolks is kicking off our new website with a list of suggestions for what to do and not do for the upcoming bake sale. Have you seen her site? Drop by, take a look at those beautiful photos and great recipes, and say hello! Take it away, Kelsey!

When I chatted with Marie about making a list of do’s/don’ts in preparation for the 2012 SOS Bake Sale the only thing I really had on my mind was, “don’t make granola.” I showed up last year with 40 packages of pumpkin spiced oaty goodness and went home with enough to feed all the neighbors in my apartment complex in Cortez Hill. That’s the extent of my technical knowledge as far as Bake Sales go, so when I solicited the feedback of bakers last year in research, I was thrilled and surprised by how much fantastic advice there actually was to share. Turns out, there are some seriously savvy Bake-salers among us.

Here are a few pointers I rallied from the community:

“Cute stuff.”

    This was a common theme in the “do” category. Cupcakes, cookies, brownies, and cake-pops tended to sell the fastest. Creativity counts too though, Kelly of Sass and Veracity
    sold nearly all of her tarts and the vegan and gluten free treats sold well too. Just think of the audience here, who comes to a bake sale, and what are they really looking for? Anything that combines chocolate and peanut butter was a winner. Marie’s homemade marshmallows sold out super fast. Think cute.


    Label the name of the treat, a few key ingredients, the price, and your URL. Labels are an absolute must, as it makes the job of the cashier much easier! Leanne of Three Dog Kitchen will be talking a little bit more about pricing specifics next week. Stay tuned.

Jenny of Vintage Sugarcube chose tags that reflected her style and website. Photo by Kelly of Sass and Veracity


    Don’t break the bank, but it’s helpful and appealing to the buyer for transportation purposes. No need to go over the top. Nice, modest packaging is easy on the eyes and on the environment. Many report that Michaels is your best bet for finding what you’ll need.

A lot can be done with a bag. Photo from Heather and Alyssa of Bake My Day Gluten-Free Bakery


    Like the labels, create a sign for your site and product that can be folded in half to sit on the table and describe what it is you made and what’s inside. Adjectives help here. This is your chance to pimp your goods. Please print your sign if you can. Many cite that handwritten notes were difficult to read.

Everyone should be prepared with signage advertising your treats, their prices, and your blog! Photo by Amy of Do You Know the Muffin Pan?

Amanda of The Cilantropist, Jenn of Kirbie's Cravings, and Michelle of Berrylish get creative with their packaging.


    Space was a big issue last year, when Marie asks about table sign ups, we should be all over it. If you have extras, bring those too on the day of. If you want your treat to have a shining moment, we’ll need space to share.


    Because table space is at a premium, consider a vertical stand or some sort of display system that sets your product apart. Cupcake stands, cake stands, and the like are helpful to break up the flow of the table.

Bug your neighbors.

    Don’t be afraid to tell your friends, family, and colleagues about the sale. Blog announcements are nice, but chances are your audience isn’t totally local. Reach out to people you know and don’t be afraid to tell them what you’re up to and why they should come out.

Mostly, the feedback was this: just have fun. Socialize. Meet new people. Talk to customers. This is an interactive event, be conscientious, follow the guidelines (forthcoming) about pricing/labeling, and enjoy.

5 thoughts on “What to Do. And Not Do.

    • Hi, Hanna! Not everyone from last year is coming back, but we do have quite a few returners. And a lot of new folks. A list of the bloggers participating is on the right side of the page… hope you come by and hang out with us!

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