Can’t Wait? Our Advance Auctions and Advance Sales! (updated 4/25/2012)

We know there are folks interested in attending the sale, but have scheduling conflicts. To have goods available for those who can’t attend, as well as expand our fundraising capabilities for Share Our Strength, we are going to have a series of online sales. In the next few days, San Diego Food Bloggers Bake Sale’s participants will be hosting sales or auctions on their blogs.

Our sales and auctions are complete, but if you would like to donate, please click on the DONATE NOW button on the right sidebar. Also, if you want to reach out personally to a baker to request a treat, please do so and see if something can be worked out!


Kimmie of Full Circle Foodieis auctioning sets of her cotton candy meringues:

Kimmie of Full Circle Foodie's auction

Mary of This Tasty Life (formerly Foodies: A Southern California Food Blog) is auctioning off a basket of baked goodies:

Bid on a basket of baked goods by Mary of This Tasty Life

Faye and Yvonne of LiveBakeLove are auctioning off cheesecake and as a bonus, they’re also adding in some really cool sports gear (not baked in the cheesecake, of course):

Faye and Yvonne of LiveBakeLove's Auction

Our first sale, from Becky of Fruit Maven, brought in $55 for a package of two dozen cookies of the bidders choice!

Fruit Maven auction now closed


2 thoughts on “Can’t Wait? Our Advance Auctions and Advance Sales! (updated 4/25/2012)

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