Packaging Tips and Rules

Procrastinating on your packaging and labeling? Here are some tips from Kelly of Seaside Sweets! For more inspiration, check out our Flickr page with photos from last year. All photos in this post from Mary of This Tasty Life. Labeling rules will be reiterated at the bottom of the post.

Hi All!

I’m Kelly with Seaside Sweets. This is my first time participating in this awesome event and I am so excited! I am a firm believer in giving back and “paying it forward” as they say, and if I can do so by baking gigantic batches of delicious cookies, well, sign me up!

I’m here to give you some ideas for packaging the yummies that you will sell next Saturday. I have done quite a few bake sales in my day and have learned a few things along the way.

The first thing I’ve found is that whenever possible, bags are the best. They are easy to carry, convenient to throw in a purse or diaper bag and not too cumbersome. Boxes can take up too much space on a table and become an issue for people continuing to browse the other tables of baked goods. Where do I set this thing? How do I cram it into my purse without ruining what’s inside? The dilemmas are endless. Whenever possible, package your goods in cellophane bags. Glassine bags are an option as well (they are the ones that look like wax paper envelopes) but I have better sales when I use a clear bag that shows off my product. It’s harder to resist buying a cookie chock full of chocolate chips when you can see the chocolate! If you don’t need huge quantities, Michaels has a great array of different sized bags in quantities of 10-20.

However, the bag isn’t everything. Part of making sales is drawing shoppers’ attention. “Pulling focus” if you will. Having a big, easy to read, label is essential. Company info, logo, price and product description will help answer any questions shoppers may have about your product which enables a quick shop, pick and buy experience. The fewer questions they are left with, the more willing they are to buy.

At something as busy as this, ease of movement and the ability to grab and go will be key. No one wants to stand and stare at a table of unlabeled baked goods while trying to guess flavors, ingredients etc. When labeling your items keep the 3 C’s in mind; be

Clear, Concise and Cute.

Adding a small bow, or a bit of bakers twine can be fun, and will set you apart from all the other cellophane bags!

Most importantly, have fun! Enjoy yourself, and be proud to be part of something like this. Can’t wait to meet as many of you as possible!

Packaging/Labeling/Signage Rules

  • Every item sold must have a label with PRICE, the item’s name, and your blog’s name/URL.

  • Every item must be priced to the QUARTER DOLLAR.

  • Your item needs to be individually packaged in a CLOSED container.

  • You must bring a sign, 8.5 x 11 inches, that displays your blog’s name/URL and your items and their prices
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