Meet the Baker 2012: Jamie of Balanced Palate


I’m Jamie- I write the blog Balanced Palate. My blog is all about inspiration for living a balanced life, because I believe that is one of the most important things each one of us can do!

I am originally from Chicago, and now live in San Diego after doing the WWOOF program, which in short means I volunteered on an organic farm for 2.5 months. I learned so much on that farm, and ever since I left Chicago I have been inspired to learn and create each and every day. I have begun to think of life as the greatest adventure, and have more confidence each day of the capacity each one of us has to do something good!

I recently started a business here in San Diego called Flour Children, which is a project where I teach radical cooking classes for kids. In this definition, Radical simply means getting back to our roots. Because, well, we simply MUST do that! We must all become more conscious of what’s around us, and start to give to the earth as much as it gives to us. As a foodie, I feel I can best help in teaching kids about the food system, and how we can easily source locally and think sustainably every day. In my classes, kids learn to connect gardening to making good food.

Anyway, I am SO excited to be a part of the Share Our Strength bake sale. As much as I am happy to help kids in San Diego to eat good food, there are obviously kids who have trouble coming about any food at all. Any money we can raise will be put to a great cause- and I hope my lavender shortbread cookies will help us reach our goal!

Thank you, it was nice to “meet” you!

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