NEEDED: Pre-sale auction hosts!


*Pre-sale Opportunity*

We have a jewelry donation from the beautiful Stella & Dot collection. Would anyone like to host an auction and perhaps pair a baked good with it?

Our efforts last year at the sale raised about $2500 of our $3151 total. Some other groups raised more with pre-sales and auctions via bakers’ blogs. Given that many food blogs have a national reach, we can reach a larger audience and make a bigger push to support No Kid Hungry (Share Our Strength’s campaign against childhood hunger). If we match our prowess at selling some AMAZING treats during the sale along with a big pre-sale push, we can bring in some serious dough.

Pun intended. Who’s in?


You may host your auction however you like, but the proceeds must be directly donated to our donation site. Here are some ideas for pre-sales:

Auction a Baked Good

  • Advertise your goodie and the highest bidder wins. You may want to keep this in the San Diego area and offer the option of delivery (please be safe!) or pick-up at the sale. If you intend to reach a wider audience, please ensure that your treats are shippable. Please consider covering shipping costs.

Auction Other Goods or Services

  • We’ll be working with local businesses to donate goods. If you find a donor willing to contribute an item/service/certificate for auction, feel free to set up an auction on your site. Once the highest bidder is determined, the transaction can be completed between you, the donor, and the buyer. Please note that you are responsible for ensuring the transaction is completed (i.e. providing all information or shipping goods to your buyer).

Sell Your Treats Early

  • Three methods of doing this, all of which were successful last year:
  1. Host a small preview sale for friends or co-workers. In this case, proceeds can be brought to the sale itself.
  2. Sell treats via your site (payment directly to the donation site) and provide as many treats as you feel comfortable. Either ship to the buyers or arrange for delivery/pickup (again, please be safe!).
  3. Make something special for friends/family for a donation. It can be something really elaborate, from a beautiful dessert to dinner for 4. The sky’s the limit!

Interested? Comment below or email Marie (marie {at} meanderingeats {dot} com)!

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